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 POst By "Kundun"

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PostSubject: POst By "Kundun"   Tue Jul 28, 2009 11:24 am

Hi, ^^

It's been exactly 8-9 years since ive been hooked up with lan and online games and its also been awhile with Rohan. This might have come sooner than anyone of you guys could ever think, so i have to say sorry and thank you to the ones who will be left behind. For some personal reasons and priorities that is long time overdue its sad to say that i will be leaving the game and step down as GL of ZG.

Most of the pioneers of this game will be remembered either by the good legacy they left behind or by their notoriety. In this regard, I am really flattered and thankful for the players and guild mates who continue to give credit and show respect on my being, much less my meek contributions to this wonderful, challenging, political and controversial game.

Indeed there were a lot of good days. yet, there were also bad days. Back then, Rohan was a battleground not for virtuo-physical confrontations, but for social and idealistic principles. Don't mind the exaggeration, but that's what made this game really worth appreciating. It became sort of our "training ground" because of its virtual politics and the nature of the interaction between players.

Whatever credit players give to me when it comes to in-game stuffs and advices, I just pass it on to ZG and the people around me. contrary to what others perceive or believe me to be, but I'm just an ordinary player like everybody else who is always eager to share what they learn through experience or by curiosity. We revere Warhammer for his outstanding ability to govern. Uno for his philanthropy. Rai's for their prowess and longevity. The bottom line is, we all made our mark, and everyone will have a chance to leave theirs in the future.

Lest, I am really thankful to the guys(you know who you are) for believing in me: Rebels, ZG, 666, MIT peepz, McFamily, VTAG, Mercs, RK, Francis n friends, Charm n company and most specially to ZG Friday group etc etc. Wherever you are, I will always be indebted for your trust in me. Thanks to my perma team RoJaM, Clowee, Lessie, Keta, Elma, Vice, FACKZ, plokplok, creed, Zael, StringBean, Saturn5 and special someone for bringing out the best in me. XD

In the ladder of time, each and everyone of us must move on and with this move I guess I'm already one step ahead of most of today's generation of players. hehe

More power to you, guys

Jarvs aka Kundun of ZG

We Ride Together ! We Die Together..!
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POst By "Kundun"
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