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 Rohan Philippines Commercial Launch

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PostSubject: Rohan Philippines Commercial Launch   Tue Jul 21, 2009 8:05 am

Rohan Philippines Commercial Launch

Greetings warriors of lotus

It has been a very eventful and tempestuous 2 months. After all the developments, issues and the up and down, RohanPH Team is proud to announce that Rohan Philippines is now officially going commercial on July 23, 2009.

We would like to thank everyone who supported us during the past two months. All the emails and message boards’ posts really helped during the testing phases.

The developments do not stop here; our team will still strive to improve our services for many more years to come. The commercial launch also includes its own share of updates.

Read on for the full details.

To kick things off and as a token of our appreciation to all RohanPH players, we will be giving away free Rohan Points through Rohan’s RP Storm! On July 23, 2009, accounts that logged in from July 1 to 19, 2009 will recieve 300 BONUS RP’s in their accounts, these RP’s will expire after 24 hours so be sure to use it quickly.

Aside from that, due to insistent public demand, we will also be implementing Mall wide 50% off (on ALL item mall items (Similar to One time, Big time but packages are not included) on July 22, 2009 4PM to July 23. 2009 4PM.

Last but definitely not the least, All Rohan servers will be implemented with EXP and DROP mods from July 23, 2009 4PM to August 4, 2009 4PM!

As mentioned, the commercial launch will not be possible without everyone’s help during the Closed Beta and Open beta testing phases. Fixes have been implemented with the help of YNK.

The Township Battles fields are now officially fixed by YNK with the help of all the players who helped during the testing stages.

The commercial launch will not be possible without the release of the Exchange market. We are slowly but surely improving the EM based on player feedback and community demand. We have added more convenient sorting options in the EM so players could focus more on finding the things they want to purchase.

The Change Name and Change Gender options which will enable players to personalize their purchased characters will also be available on the 23rd of July.

We are working closely with YNK to find new ways in which to improve the EM for everyone. Rest assured that these developments will be for the benefit of all players of RohanPH.

Lastly, the much awaited update of Rohan is finally coming to our shores. We are proud to announce that we have begun to test the Giants Patch which includes new maps, weapons, and the most anticipated character class in Rohan to date: The Giants.

We will be sure to update our sites and forums regularly regarding the developments of the Giants Patch testing. The new class will surely add more depth and strategy to the already diverse gameplay of RohanPH.

Again, we thank each and every one of you for making Rohan the hottest game in the Philippines!

We Ride Together ! We Die Together..!
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Rohan Philippines Commercial Launch
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