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 Giant Savage Skill Build

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PostSubject: Giant Savage Skill Build   Sat Jul 18, 2009 1:02 am

Giant Savage Skill Build
This Skill Build Guide is made by Digitality of Rohan Forums. All credit belongs to him. For further discussion, check out the link to the forum link.
This part of the guide is constructed based on the idea that you followed the previous warrior guide. Optimally when you become a savage and can add skills at lvl 51 you should have at most 23 points to spend. This section will cover optimal building up to lvl 62, and suggestions on further skills beyond that.
Stat Spread
This hasn’t changed much at all… You still only have 3 stats to worry about, and 1 of them you should be finished with now. Now you get 6 skill points to spend every level though.
Strength -This should still be your highest stat point. With a good guardian friend you can really cash in on their strength buffs, coupled with your own upcoming buff. Strength has benefits of both extra melee, and p.def, both of which your build will need.
Vitality – You still shouldn’t need more than 1 vit per level. Go with 2 if you feel squishy, or none at all if you prefer pure damage. Battle Chant from the Warrior tree will make up for any lack of hp from vit, and you get a buff that gives you an additional 10% to your vit as well.
Dexterity – You should have finished your dex during your warrior tree. I’d recommend 50, but if you want a bit higher, I’d say 60 at the absolute most. You need to add some, because accesories alone won’t make up all your accuracy, and you want to be able to reap some benefit from archer dex buffs if they’re around to share them.
Accessories – Accessories with str, dex, or vit on them are good for your giant. Try to lean towards str with maybe some dex mostly now though. For boss accessories at this mid-range of your development there are only 2 worth your consideration.
Wrath of Blue Mustache – Adds 10 str, 10 dex, 300 HP, Level Requirement 55. Dropped by the blue dragon Mirebreath Kniedhogg at the end of Caronia’s tomb. These will only be temporary if you decide to get them on your path to your next goal…
Wings of Solemn Death – Adds 15 str, 15 dex, 15 vit, Level Requirement 60. Dropped by Amadeus de Roha on the 2nd floor of Rahkon dungeon. Getting 4 of these should be the goal for your mid-game. You get good strength, dex necessary to solve all your current, and any future accuracy problems, and vit to give you a health boost, or if you’ve gone very slim on your vit, to make up for a lack-there-of. Until you’re ready to move onto R4 bosses, you won’t need to replace these.
Skill Spread
Here’s the Savage tree, and some descriptions of the skills on it. I’ll detail what I feel are skills you should max first, and which are skills that you should max as you further gain levels. As well as talk about possible applications and uses for each skill.

A – Dual Sword Mastery – If you’re using Dual Swords (which you should be since your future attacks kills require them) then this is a buff I believe you should max. It will increase your melee by 15% of your weapon damage at level 5, and weapon damage is pure, 1 melee for 1 damage. This is a recommended must have skill.
B – Taunt Challenge – This is an optional skill. However it has great applicative uses and will only ever cost 1 point. In a party this will be a way for you to tank, and keep mobs within your own AOE range. I recommend this as a must have skill.
C – Rampage Force – Let’s be frank, this skill is single most powerful reason for anyone to become a savage to begin with. With a 50% chance for each of your normal attacks to turn into an AOE, this allows you great room to solo many areas later on, as well as being a huge source of DPS for a party. With this skill and an hp/mp leech option on your weapon, you will be nearly invincible in PvE settings. This is a must max skill.
D – Ferocious – Another buff skill. You have to put at least 1 point in here, and crit reduction is nothing to be dismissed, even in non-PvP settings. If you want to spare points for something else, go with 1 point, but I strongly recommend 5 points in this skill for maximum crit drop.
E – Fortunate – This skill will only ever cost 1 point. Put it in there. It will allow you immunity to stuns/roots, as well as break you free of them when you’re hit by one. Since the rest of your party will be relying on you for support, especially in PvP, being able to remain mobile and active is of strong benefit. This is a recommended must have skill.
F – Monster Mind – This skill will increase your damage based on your m.kill counter. At best it will add another 99 damage to your total. In PvE, you’ll be killing so fast (and your m.kill will not remain the same) for it to make a difference, while in PvP, after the reduction, will only offer an increase of 33 damage. If you want that damage boost, go for it, but personally, I don’t think it’s useful enough to warrant 5 skill points.
G – Extraction – This is your first attack skill of the savage tree. It will allow you to deal extra damage, as well as having a chance to extract organs (heart, brain, guts) from your target, that you will need to use the rest of your attack skills. You must have 1 point in this skill. I would not recommend maxing it early on though.
H – Brutality – This buff gives you an additional 10% boost to both your strength and vitality. There is no sane reason at all not to have it. Get it, max it.
I – Gails Shock – Reduces the accuracy of enemies within range. I would say don’t bother with this skill. For one, you can’t keep your enemies in range of the totem really, unless you stun them, and then it doesn’t matter if they can hit you or not does it? lol Secondly, this will not have enough effect on anyone to matter to you. Mages/priests/templar won’t be effected, rangers/dex guards have too much acc for it to matter anymore, and you don’t have enough evasion anyways. This might help your agi dhan buddy out, maybe but it’s in no way worth any skill points because of that
J – Lunge – This is an attack skill, it will increase your damage, and can be used while wielding dual-swords. With guts in your inventory, it has the effect of lowering an enemies movement speed. This skill is well worth 1 point to keep enemies from getting away, and you need it to get to other skills anyways. Whether or not it’s worth maxing later is totally up to you.
K – Gails Wash – This skill will change PvP entirely. Right now stun spamming is usually a must to land a kill against any strong player. A giant with Gails Wash can break his party free of any negative effects, poisons, stuns, vacuum. This is an absolute must to support yourself, and your parties in PvP. It’s why fortunate is also necessary, to leave you free to use this skill. 1 point minimum here. Additional if you want to up duration.
L – Desperate Assault – This is a great stun AOE stun. Not many targets, but a stun is a stun. Right now I recommend only 1 point in this to reach Barbaric Cry, as you won’t really need it in PvE, and it won’t be earth shattering not to max it for PvP yet. Come back and max this skill later on when you have the points to spare though.
M – Ruthless – Another attack skill. Attack skills can put up some strong damage. This one, if you possess a heart in your inventory, will also reduce the targets p.def by 50. Word is it never gets any higher of a reduction, and so I wouldn’t recommend taking the skill any higher, especially not at this point of the tree. Reducing enemy p.def is never a bad thing however.
N – Gails Bless – I like this skill, I do. It allows you to drop a totem that heals your party over a period of time, with so much health recovered every 3 seconds. It has numerable possible uses. Right now though, I feel it needs to be skipped over. Come back to this if you want it when you get the points.
O – Barbaric Cry – This is a PvP only skill. It’s duration is what makes me value it over desperate assault. It prevents a number of targets within range of using normal attacks against you. For crit builds such as agi dhans, or dex guards, this is crippling. For other builds, they’ll be able to hit you with skills still, but their threat is greatly reduced. If you don’t plan on PvPing early, then don’t bother with this skill yet. It’s a 50-50 between this and Gails Cry.
P – Storming Cross – Another attack skill. This one looks strong to me. If you have a brain in your inventory to use, then this skill gets added damage, up to 500 at lvl 5. Go with 1 skill point here for now, and if you like it, revisit it later.
Q – Gails Cry – Another totem skill, this increases your entire parties attack speed for a set time. This has some uses especially with your AOE potential from rampage force. If you don’t want to pick up Barbaric Cry yet, I would suggest going with this instead, for that boost in damage output for the duration of it.
R – Frozen Tornado – This is a strong AOE. It will give you a good increase in damage, and with 1 of each organ (heart, brain, guts) it is supposed to inflict a large DoT (dmg over time) to all enemies hit by it. I recommend an early point in this to top off your tree by 62. Max this skill later.
This covers recommended savage skills up to lvl 62, and some recommended skills to work on past that.

I think this is the most optimal looking build to have by lvl 62. Obviously there’s more work to be done and skills to be filled out after 62. Until more information comes back on the giants though, I feel that players are going to have to use their own preferences beyond this
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Giant Savage Skill Build
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